Is Voltaire Financial a lender or a brokerage?

Voltaire Financial is an independent commercial real estate finance brokerage.

At what stage should I commence discussions with Voltaire Financial?

Ideally the subject asset/site should either be owned or have been secured prior to talking through the funding possibilities. This saves time on both sides and allows for a better indication of the type of facility that can be structured.

Are you prepared to work in competition with my existing lender relationships? With my existing broker relationships?

Voltaire Financial is typically able to determine quickly whether or not we can improve on any existing lender relationship's terms. If so we are happy to proceed on this basis. In order for the reputation of the transaction and the customer to remain completely intact it is important that one brokerage firm is mandated to approach the marketplace on the borrower's behalf.

What is the advantage of using your services versus dealing with a lender direct?

Voltaire Financial is committed to advising borrowers of the most efficient and cost-effective solution available to them throughout the whole of the market.
Voltaire Financial is typically approached at inception and delivers the most competitive terms available in the marketplace. Aside from ending up with more tangible benefits within the terms achieved such as higher gearing or more competitive pricing, Voltaire Financial add value in three crucial ways. First, we actually prefer to take full funding responsibility for the life of the funding exercise thereby ensuring that the greatest possible benefit is delivered to the borrower every step of the way. Second, Voltaire Financial is not constrained by the opinions of a single credit committee. By considering our pool of more than 500 lender relationships we are well placed to approach the right lender with the right requirement. Third, Voltaire Financial's relationships outside of the lending market (including contractors, quantity surveyors, hotel operators, joint venture partners, solicitors, and chartered surveyors) allow us to add value above and beyond delivering the required funding. A key introduction to a hotel operator can make a previously un-bankable acquisition or development bankable; the facilitation of a JV structure with a national or multi-national institution may lend the necessary track record to a development proposal; and the involvement of a quantity surveyor could save time and money in assessing the costs of a planned conversion.

Occasionally we are approached with a requirement where an existing lender relationship has provided the borrower with good terms and we happily advise the borrower to proceed with them. Particularly for more straightforward repeat investment business this can be the right solution for the borrower.

How would your existing clients describe the service you provide to them?

Depending on the structure of their operation many of our clients treat Voltaire Financial as an outsourced finance department. In other cases we work in tandem with the Finance Director/Department. In addition to the obvious benefit of being confident of securing the most competitive terms for each requirement as and when it presents itself, by handing over the funding responsibility to Voltaire Financial (often the most complicated part of putting a transaction together – particularly in this market) our clients can concentrate on what they do best: bring together and deliver real estate transactions. Voltaire Financial spends a great amount of time maintaining relationships with our series of lender relationships. This is essential in allowing us to carry out our core activity. Be it a developer who wishes to spend time discussing suitable sites with their agent relationships, or an investor who wishes to put their efforts into securing a change of use for an owned asset, our clients' time and resources are more efficiently and usefully spent doing what they do best.


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